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MARDI 04 DECEMBRE 2018 >> Virginie Poitrasson, Jeff Hilson & Youssef Alaoui liront pour nous au Delaville Café

IVY WRITERS PARIS vous invite à une soirée de poésie contemporaine avec les auteurs :


MARDI 4 DECEMBRE 2018 à 19h30
34 bvd bonne nouvelle 75010 Paris
M°ligne 8 Bonne Nouvelle

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Virginie Poitrasson, née en 1975, est poète, performeuse et traductrice. Elle est l’auteure entre autres de Le pas-comme-si des choses, Il faut toujours garder en tête une formule magique, Demi-valeurs aux éditions de l’Attente. Elle a traduit notamment Ben Lerner, Michaël Palmer, Lyn Hejinian, Cole Swensen, Mei Mei Berssenbrugge, Marylin Hacker, Charles Bernstein, Jennifer K. Dick, Michelle Noteboom, Shanxing Wang, Rodrigo Toscano et Laura Elrick. Elle anime régulièrement des ateliers d’écriture auprès de publics divers.

Jeff Hilson is the author of four books of poetry: stretchers (Reality Street, 2006), Bird bird (Landfill, 2009), In The Assarts (Veer, 2010) and Latanoprost Variations (Boiler House Press, 2017). A fifth book, Organ Music, is due out from Crater Press in 2019. He also edited The Reality Street Book of Sonnets (Reality Street, 2008) which US poet Ron Silliman called “easily the finest collection of contemporary sonnets ever put together.” He runs Xing the Line poetry reading series in London, and is Reader in Creative Writing at the University of Roehampton.

Youssef Alaoui-Fdili, author of four books, is an Arab-Latino, born in California. His mother is Colombiana. His father was Moroccan. The Alaoui-Fdilis are originally from Fez. His brothers and aunts and uncles and cousins are today mostly in Casablanca and Rabat. His family and heritage are an endless source of inspiration for his varied, dark, spiritual and carnal writings. He has an MFA in Poetics from New College of California. There, he studied Classical Arabic, Spanish Baroque and Contemporary Moroccan poetry. He is also well versed in the most dour and macabre literature of the 19th Century. His poems have appeared in Exquisite Corpse, 580 Split, Cherry Bleeds, Carcinogenic Poetry, Red Fez, Big Bridge, Dusie Press, and he has been nominated for a Pushcart for the work that appeared in Full of Crow. Youssef is an original creator of the East Bay literary arts festival “Beast Crawl.” In 2012 he created Paper Press Books & Associates Publishing Company. This press offers several important books of poetry and one poetry and art compendium. Youssef also serves as an Associate Editor for Big Bridge Press. Copies of his latest book, Critics of Mystery Marvel,(2 Leaf Press) a collection of magical persona poems, will be available at the reading. for more, including a list of his previous books.

jeudi 15 novembre 2018

Jean-René Lassalle David Brazil et Sara Larsen liront pour Ivy le 20 novembre 2018

IVY WRITERS PARIS vous invite à une soirée bilingue de poésie contemporaine avec les auteurs :

Jean-René Lassalle

David Brazil et

Sara Larsen

Mardi 20  Novembre 2018 à 19h30
8 Rue Casimir Delavigne, 75006 Paris
m° Odéon / RER B Luxembourg

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Bio-bibliographies ci-dessous :

JEAN-RENE LASSALLE : Né en 1961 au sud de Bordeaux mais habitant depuis 30 ans en Allemagne, Jean-René Lassalle est l’auteur de 4 livres de poésie expérimentale et de 4 traductions de poètes allemands actuels dont il a tenté de recréer l’étrangeté de langue (Friederike Mayröcker, Oswald Egger..). Expérimental est ici dans le sens d’une joie d’un jeu avec le langage dans l’espoir d’atteindre une musique de pensée comparable au free-jazz qui intègre aussi tensions et bloquages. Après des collaborations à Berlin-Ouest avec les musiciens électro-acoustiques de Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, il s’établit à Fribourg où il enseigne. Certains de ses textes ont des aspects multilingues, du fait de son déracinement, d’autres ont des structures visuelles ou sémantiques réglées par des contraintes (poèmes en carrés, autotraductions déformées). Depuis une dizaine d’années il compose aussi chaque mois un dossier de traduction sur un des poètes de notre planète aux nombreuses langues dans le site internet Poezibao. Son nouveau livre Sangleil vient de sortir aux éditions Grèges.

Enseignant de français à l’université de Fribourg en Allemagne. Enseignant externe de master littéraire aux Beaux-Arts de Berne et à l’université de Lausanne dans les domaines de l’écriture poétique et de la traduction de poésie. Collaborateur régulier du site internet de poésie Poezibao. Traductions pour le site internet de Berlin
Traductions de l’allemand :
*         Friederike Mayröcker : Métaux voisins (Atelier de l’Agneau, 2003)
*         Paul Wühr : Matière à l’autre bout l’esprit (Grèges, 2006)
*         Franz Josef Czernin : Le Labyrinthe d’abord invente le fil rouge (Grèges 2011) 
*         Oswald Egger : Rien, qui soit (Grèges, 2016)
Poésie :
*         Triling  (Cynthia 3000, 2008)
*         Poèmes, Carrés (Grèges, 2012)
*         Rêve : Mèng (Grèges, 2016)
*         Sangleil (Grèges 2018)
Publications en revues ou web : La Tête et les Cornes,, Mütze, Koshkonong, La Feuille, Ligne 13 Participations à des collectifs : Rapsodes (La Différence 1998), Le Jardin Ouvrier (Flammarion 2008), traduction d’Oskar Pastior : Lectures avec tinnitus (Grèges 2010) Collaborations avec artistes : Isabelle Chemin, Guido Hübner, Jean Marie Boivin, Jacques Clerc Collaborations avec musiciens : Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Jeff Arnal, Dietrich Eichmann Collaboration avec poètes : Isabelle Sbrissa, Dagmara Kraus Autres traductions de : Rosmarie Waldrop, Ulf Stolterfoht, Cole Swensen, Farhad Showghi, Marco Giovenale
Lire quelques extraits de Sangleil sur Poezibao et vous retrouverez un resumé de son livre precedent.Rêve : Mèng sur Sitaudis

SARA LARSEN is a poet living in Oakland. She is the author of Merry Hell (Atelos, 2016) which
involves the Paris Commune and Occupy Oakland, among other themes.  More information can be found on ATELOS’ site : . Her previous book is All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous (Printing Press, 2014). She is also the author of the chapbooks Riot Cops en route to Troy, NOVUS, A,a,a,a,a, After Sappho and The Hallucinated, among others. From 2008-2011, she and David Brazil published more than 60 issues of the seminal literary zine Try Magazine. She has performed her work widely including at The Berkeley Art Museum, Grace Cathedral, LitQuake, and at Multifarious Array in NYC.  She also has a blog at

DAVID BRAZIL: was born in New York and lives in California.  He is the author of The Ordinary
(Compline) and antisocial patience (Roof).  His third book, Holy Ghost (City Lights), was a finalist for the 2018 California Book Awards (most recent book is Holy Ghost (City Lights, 2017) Chapbook publications include The Book Called Spring (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs), Spy Wednesday (TAXT), Meet Me Beneath the War Angels (OMG!), Orphica (Lew Gallery), Aevum (Vigilance Society) and Mass of the Phoenix : A Mina Loy Portal (Trafficker).
     With Kevin Killian, Brazil co-edited The Kenning Anthology of Poets Theatre, 1945-1985.  He curated the forthcoming Emerald Tablet II: Book of Formation anthology on poetry and kabbalah with Alana Siegel.  His new edition of Philip Whalen’s book-length poem Scenes of Life at the Capital is forthcoming from Wave Books.  He has performed his poetry at venues including the St. Marks Poetry Project, Segue, and Frank O’Hara’s Last Lover, and presented on his cultural work at institutions including Johns Hopkins University, the California College of the Arts, and Berls Poetry Shop.
     With his wife Sara Larsen, he edited over sixty issues of the seminal xerox periodical TRY! from 2008 to 2011.  As part of Occupy Oakland, Sara & David spearheaded production of the daily one-sheet Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette and ran a weekly public reading series, Poetry for the People.  With Chika Okoye, he curates the Black Life series at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, focused on cultural production in the African diaspora.  He was a founding member of the Bay Area Public School, a free adult university, and the Omni Commons, an alternative community space in Oakland. Along with Sarah Pritchard, David co-pastors the Agape Fellowship.

jeudi 1 novembre 2018

Photos du 16 Octobre lectures par Benoît Casas et Sophie Coiffier pour IVY

C'était une très belle soirée le 16 Oct 2018 avec deux lectures par deux auteurs en français--SOPHIE COIFFIER et BENOIT CASAS--pour notre soirée de la poésie contemporaine française, au Café Delaville. Voici quelques photos de cette soirée

Sophie Coiffier commence par une lecture de son livre paru chez Attente, PAYSAGE ZERO (2017):

Ensuite, Sophie Coiffier nous a lu des extraits d'un travail en cours:

Benoît Casas nous a annoncé une lecture en "Diagonale" (en honneur de son livre du même titre (Nous, 2007).

Cette lecture commençait par des extraits de l'Ordre du jour (fiction et Cie, 2013) suivi par des extraits de l'Agenda de l'écrit (Cambourakis, 2017)

 Pour finir la soirée en beauté, Benoît Casas a terminé sa lecture par des extraits de textes qui sont encore à paraître.

mardi 30 octobre 2018

Photos de la Soirée IVY de poésie et de prose en anglais le 9 Octobre 2018

Here are a few photos from our English poetry and prose night which took place on Oct 9, 2018 at Delaville Café--with a books table that really stunned the eye and promised many more nights of pleasurable reading for those who took home a volume or ten.

KATY MASUGA read to use from her novel Origin of Vermillion as well as a few short-short (flash fiction pieces). She also shared with us some extracts from her forthcoming novel, which left us feeling we got treated to a sneak peek at what Katy Masuga writing will  be coming out in print in the future!

Our second reader of the night came to us from Luxembourg where he is now stationed, though he was once a local Paris ex-Pat. DYLAN HARRIS is a poet, photographer and also the publisher and founder of Corrupt Books. He read to us selections of his recently published and forthcoming poetry.

The third reader of the evening was AMY EVANS BAUER, London-based author who we snagged during her visit to France for a reading at a museum. She performed off of 500e notecards a series of texts with dddddrrrraaawwwn out letters and sounds, making listeners lean in towards the next word in form/deformation. These texts are part of a large project which has appeared in part from Shearsman in the UK and Oystercatcher Press, with more sections still to come out.

Bringing the evening to a very dynamic close was RUFO QUINTAVALLE, an ex pat poet based in Paris who read to us from 2 selections of his works, as well as recited by memory a poem from an as-of-yet unpublished ongoing writing project. His reading, like Amy's, was very much a performance, racing us through the unepected twists and turns of the variegated voices in the Corrupt Books text "hhereenow" available in book form.

samedi 27 octobre 2018

Photos de notre soirée d'ouverture de la saison 2018-2019

Voici quelques photos de la soirée d'Open Mike avec notre "featured auteur" DAVID BARNES.

Notre poète invité, David Barnes, a pu écouter les autres lire en son honneur avant de monter sur scène / Our invited poet, David Barnes, as he gets to listen to others reading in his honor before heading up to the stage himself:
Ci-dessous: Patrick Williamson--poète anglais basé à Paris a ouvert la soirée avec une lecture de quelques poèmes pour la partie de la soirée "scène ouverte" /// Below: photo of Patrick Williamson, British poet based in Paris, who read first for the Open Mic section of the evening.

Sa lecture a été suivi par la lecture de quelques extraits de textes par Vannina Maestri, poète française basée à Paris /// His reading was followed by that of Vannina Maestri, French poet based in Paris who shared some of her recent work.

3ème lecture de la soirée par Cole Swensen, poète américaine et traductrice /// the third reading was by Cole Swensen, American poet and translator, who shared an extract of her essay-poem on Vargas with us:

Auteur anglais: nom à confirmer /// This young British woman was the fourth reader of the evening. I, alas, have not got a note of her name but will add it when I do hear back from the other readers of the evening. She got up and shared recent poetry that was read out live from her journal--daring!!!

La cinqième lecture venait d'un écrivain de New York en visite à Paris--Bonny Finberg. Elle nous a lu un extrait de son roman. /// The fifth open mike reader of the evening was visiting from New York City--Bonny Finberg, who shared an extract of fiction with us.

Ensuite, Eldridge Hainsbury, auteure-performeuse et musicienne basée à Paris mais qui vient des Etats-Unis, nous a lu quelques textes /// Next up was the performer-author and musician Eldridge Hainsbury, originally from the States but who is now based in Paris:

La dernière lecture pour la partie "scène ouverte" de notre soirée en hommage à Spoken Word Paris était un Spoken Word organisatrice, la poète Antonia Kliminko /// Our final Open Miker of the night was Paris based poet Antonia Kliminko.

Pour terminer la soirée en beauté, notre poète invité, David Barnes, auteur anglais basé à Paris et organiseur et fondateur de Spoken Word Paris, nous a lu sa poésie. //// And then came time for our fabulous featured event--the wonderful reading of work by David Barnes. David is an organizer and author who has for years given so much to the Paris writing community by founding and keeping Spoken Word Paris running throughout the year, publishing books and magazines as part of the Spoken Word Paris project and even organizing and teaching workshops (often for free!) It was a true pleasure for us to get to really bask in David's writings as we set our sights on the 2018-2019 season of Paris reading.

THANK you everyong for a lovely evening! Merci à tous et à toutes pour une très belle soirée au CAFE DELAVILLE

vendredi 12 octobre 2018

MARDI 16 OCTOBRE 2018 >> Sophie Coiffier & Benoît Casas liront pour nous au Delaville Café

IVY WRITERS PARIS vous invite à une soirée de poésie contemporaine avec les auteurs :

& Benoît CASAS

MARDI 16 OCTOBRE 2018 à 19h30
34 bvd bonne nouvelle 75010 Paris
M°ligne 8 Bonne Nouvelle

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Bio-bibliographies ci-dessous :

Sophie COIFFIER est née en 1967. Ecrivain et chercheuse indépendante, vit et travaille à Paris et Quimperlé (Finistère, France). Elle vient des Arts plastiques, y retourne de temps en temps, les prolonge dans le texte. Depuis plusieurs années, elle investit des formes d'écriture qui permettent de relier plusieurs espaces et plusieurs types de fictions, dans un autre espace qui est celui du texte. Telles des plaques tectoniques ces plages fictionnelles se frottent et parfois se rejoignent. Elles se rient tantôt de la fiction, tantôt du réel. Publication en revues : Perpendiculaire n°11, Le Corps du Texte n°1,2,4 et 5, Le Flux des Mots n°2, revue Rue Saint Ambroise n°17, 23, 27, 29, 39, revue Tina n°9 (éd. è®e). Elle a publié trois livres aux éditions Mix : Le Paradoxe de l’instant (2007), Les Ciels (2009), Me and my dog (2012).

Dernière parution : Paysage zéro aux éditions de l’Attente, novembre 2017.


Benoît CASAS mène de front l’écriture de poésie (8 livres à ce jour), le travail éditorial (Nous, depuis 1999, 140 titres), les traduction, photographie & exploration de l’Italie (Talia). Dans un entretien avec Anaïs Bon sur CitaBlog, il se définit également « comme un activiste disparate. Fauteur de poésie en livres comme en performance, plasticien, photographe, (...) un passeur passionné. Son credo ? Lire, écrire, faire lire. Par exemple lors de sa résidence à la librairie le Comptoir des mots en 2011, en conseillant un livre par jour, et se donnant pour ambition de donner envie au grand public de découvrir la poésie ».

Dernier titre paru : L’agenda de l’écrit, Cambourakis, 2017.


vendredi 5 octobre 2018

9 Oct 2018 PROSE and POETRY in ENGLISH event

Ivy Writers Paris evening of Poetry and Prose in ENGLISH 
9 october 2018
with the authors

Dylan Harris (Lux/Ire: poet and publisher of Corrupt Books)

Katy Masuga (USA/Fr: novelist)

Amy Evans Bauer (UK/Austria: poet)


Rufo Quintavalle (UK/Fr: poet)
9 OCT 2018 at 19h30
34 bvd Bonne Nouvelle
75010 Paris
M° 8/9 Bonne Nouvelle
or M° 4 Strasbourg St Denis

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Dylan Harris is a poet who has authored over 11 volumes of poetry. His collections include antwerp (wurm press) and the smoke (Knives Forks and Spoons Press) as well as his most His most recent book, BIG TOWN BLUES (2018). He is also a programmer, and calls himself “a brit abroad”. He exhibits photos and founded and runs corrupt press, which publishes poetry and prose by European-based Anglophone and non-Anglophone authors writing in English. Currently based in Luxembourg, Harris can often be found travelling to read and to help promote his Corrupt Books authors. In the past, he ran “the rant of the powerless” and the Paris-based reading series, Poets-Live. His website is: arts & ego. where you can find links to both his poetry and photography work, his blog and a link to help you purchase books.

Katy Masuga: Recent Henry Miller Memorial Library writer-in-resident, Katy Masuga is drawn to the disruption of conventional forms, influenced by Virginia Woolf, W. G. Sebald and Marilynne Robinson among others. Her publications include fiction and nonfiction among them two novels and two monographs: The Origin of Vermilion (Spuyten Duyvil, 2016), The Blue of Night (Caffeinated Press, forthcoming), Henry Miller and How He Got That Way (Edinburgh UP, 2011) and The Secret Violence of Henry Miller (Camden House, 2011), as well as numerous short stories and dozens of essays and anthology chapters on subjects ranging from contemporary altered book art to Blanchot and Wittgenstein in Beckett to Shakespeare and Company in Paris to the vegetarian diet of Shelley's creature in Frankenstein. She holds joint doctorates in Comparative Literature and Theory and Criticism and teaches for the University of Washington in Paris.

Rufo Quintavalle was born in London in 1978, studied at Oxford and the University of Iowa and lives in Paris.  He is the author of eight works of poetry, the most recent of which, hhereenow, is published by corrupt press.  In addition to his own writing, he has served on the editorial board for the literary journal, Upstairs at Duroc, was poetry editor for the online magazine, nthposition, ran the reading series, Poets Live, and has taught creative writing at NYU Paris.He has performed his poetry in Paris, London, Amsterdam and Berlin.   You can watch/listen to his work here: Rufo Q.  And read a free e-book here: Rufo is also an environmentalist and is currently working on a project to replant degraded land in the Brazilian Amazon.  More on that here:

Amy Evans Bauer is a British-Austrian poet based in London. Her publications
include anti-fa-la-la: songs against statues (tender buttons/face, 2018), The Report of the Iraq Enquiry: Poetic Summary (Larynx Press, 2017), and Stalking Gerard Manley Hopkins (Salient Seedling/Woodland Pattern Book Center, 2016). Her poetry features in the anthology Resist Much, Obey Little: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance (Dispatches, 2017).  Her montages appear in Chicago Review, Jacket, and elsewhere. She has performed SOUND((ING))S at waterfront locations across the US and UK, and at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. The transcript PASS PORT (Shearsman, 2018) is the fourth in a sequence of chapbooks, following on from CONT. (Shearsman, 2015), The Sea Quells (Shearsman, 2013) and Collecting Shells (Oystercatcher, 2011). She co-organises the Contemporary Innovative Poetry Research Seminar at the School of Advanced Studies, IES, University of London, and is the publisher of Larynx Press.