lundi 23 février 2009

Photos From IVY Writers: Les Photos d'IVY

Nous aurons 3 autres lectures ce printemps:
Mardi, le 14 avril : Adeena Karasick avec Gwenaëlle Stubbe
Mardi le 12 Mai : Alikah Oliver et Virginie Lalucq
et en juin, autour de la marché de la poésie: Pierre Joris avec auteurs encore à confirmer. Donc, pour le mois de mars, on vous laisse regarder quelques photos des lectures de 2009. Merci pour votre présence aux soirées de poésie d'IVY Writers!!!! Pour être tenu au courant des lectures à venir, envoyez-nous vos coordinées:

We will have three more readings this spring: one in April, May & June. :
Tuesday, April 14th : Adeena Karasick and Gwenaëlle Stubbe
Mardi, May 12th : Alikah Oliver and Virginie Lalucq
and in June with the Marché de la Poésie: Pierre Joris with authors TBC. Therefore, to leave you something to peruse in March, here are various photos taken over the past months of readings at IVY, both during the reading and at the bar beforehand and dinners after. We hope you have enjoyed hanging out with the wonderful authors who have come to read and want to thank you for your continued support and presence at these events!!! To receive email announcements of forthcoming readings, send your email address to:

Michelle Naka Pierce reads in the basement of Les Têtes Brulées after a quick shift of venue on a rainy Monday evening with a crowd gathered tightly round our three readers.Michelle Noteboom and Chris Pusateri laugh at the dinner table after the reading by Pusateri. Jacques de Longueville talks with Marie Louise Chapelle and Sybilla after Chapelle's reading. Polytechnique students Divya Babin, an unknown friend and Rémi Ferrier stand by Michelle Naka Pierce after her reading. The students, along with François de Peaudecerf (Polytechnique) and Vasilena Kossastakis (EHESS) translated and read selections in French of Naka Pierce and Pusateri's poems, while selected translations of Chapelle's work were read by co-curators Michelle Noteboom & Jennifer K Dick.
Marilyn Hacker reads new work and from Desesperanto in the basement of Le Next in January 2009.
Marilyn Hacker and Marie Etienne read together from the prizewinning bilingual edition of King of a Hundred Horsemen (Farrar Strauss & Giroux) at Le Next in January 2009.