mardi 12 janvier 2010

26 Janvier: Ivy Writers Paris fête ses 5ans!

le 26 Janvier 2010 à 19h30 :
IVY Writers Celebrates 5 ans of bilingual readings avec une lecture bilingue et une performace musicale (a reading & musical performance.)

Come hear / Venez écouter American poet JOE ROSS, musician and poet COLIN MAHAR & Michaël Batalla French author

At: The Next, downstairs, 17 rue Tiquetonne 75002 Paris M° Etienne Marcel / RER Les Halles.

FYI: JOE ROSS will be launching his newest book, his 12th collection of poems: “Strata” (published by Dusie Press) and COLIN MAHAR will be punctuating the evening with his musical creations.

BIOS (en français then in English):
JOE ROSS: est l’auteur de 12 recueils de poèmes, notamment: Strata (Dusie, 2008) EQUATIONS =equals (Green integer, 2004), The Fuzzy Logic Series (Texture Press, 1996), An American Voyage and Guards of the Heart: Four Plays (Sun & Moon via Green Integer, 1993 & 1990), How to Write; or, I used to be in love with my jailer (Texture Press, 1992), An American Voyage (Sun & Moon Press, 1993), Push (Leave Books, 1994), De-flections (Potes & Poets Press, 1994), Full Silence (Upper Limit Music Press, 1995), & The Wood Series (Seeing Eye Books, 1997). Recipient du National Endowment for the Arts aux USA (1997) il vit et travaille actuellement à Paris.

Michaël Batalla
est l’auteur du recueil Poème paysage maintenant, (Éditions Jean-Michel Place, Collection Passage Vérité, 2007), et il a également fait publié il vient (éditions Le clou dans le fer, 2002-2004),et Poèmes paysage maintenant n°2 (coll. Fiat Lust, IKKO, 2006). Né à Rennes, il vit et travaille à Paris où il dirige la collection Expériences poétiques des éditions Le clou dans le fer – "tout un poème, ce nom, mais aussi tout un paysage". Sa réflexion sur les modalités de fabrication et de publication de la poésie contemporaine le conduit à de multiples collaborations, notamment avec des architectes. Il a participé à Soundscape forever, édition spéciale de silence radio quelques autres de ses poèmes dans les revues MIR (n°1) des éditions IKKO, Boudoir & autres (n°3 et 4) des éditions Ragage, et sur le site projectiles: rubrique Traverses, ainsi que sur . Parmi ses publications récentes en revues: (Cumulus [10 petits poèmes purs] –, L’étrangère no23-24 [éd. La lettre volée] ; Théorêv’rie de la source, Po&sie no128-129 [éd. Belin] ; Plein centre – tentative d’observation d’un inobservable réel : contemplation II, MIR no2 [éd. IKKO]). Prochainement aux éditions VMCF, accompagnant une série de photographies de Benoît Fougeirol et sous le titre Autour/Around paraîtra dans un livre bilingue un ensemble de 20 poèmes traduits vers l’anglais par Christophe Marchand-Kiss. Son travail poétique peut être appréhendé comme une recherche sur les effets d’abstraction et quelques conséquences formelles possibles de l’hyper-précision du sens. Une des méthodes employées pour cela est « l’observation longue » de phénomènes divers, mondains ou mentaux.

Colin Mahar est poète et musicien. Né à New York, il a grandit au canada et depuis plusieurs années il vit et travaille à Paris. Il faisait parti du groupe du rock Hamper (en hiatus actuellemtn). Quelques extraits de ses chansons ainsi que deux vidéos de son travail sont disponible sur My Space à: où il dit que sa musique trouve ses racines dans celle des artistes tels que Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Vic Chessnut et puis toutes sortes de musique des cowboys! Il crée actuellment une série de chansons basées sur des traductions et des traductions "erronées" d'Emily Dickinson dont il nous jouera quelques morceaux.

Joe Ross: the author of twelve books of poetry, Joe Ross was born in Pennsylvania. After graduating magna cum laude from the Honors Program at Temple University in Philadelphia. He moved to Washington, D.C. where he wrote his first book, Guards of the Heart, consisting of four plays written in poetic form. In D.C., Ross worked at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and was extraordinarily active in the cultural scene. He served as the President of the Board of the Poetry Committee at The Folger Shakespeare Library from 1994-1997 and as the Literary Editor of the arts bi-monthly The Washington Review from 1991-1997. He also Co-founded and directed the In Your Ear poetry reading series at the District of Columbia Arts Center. During these years Ross continued to publish poetry, including How to Write; or, I used to be in love with my jailer (Texture Press, 1992); An American Voyage (Sun & Moon Press, 1993); Push (Leave Books, 1994); De-flections (Potes and Poets, 1994); Full Silence (Upper Limit Music, 1995); and The Fuzzy Logic Series (Texture Press, 1996) (Go to Joe Ross's books for cover images & to purchase: . In 1997 Joe Ross received a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Award for his poetry and moved from Washington DC to San Diego, CA, where he worked for The City of San Diego Commission's for Arts and Culture. His poetry reveals close links with the "Language" poets but seeks in its often disjunctive structure, puns, and linguistic riddles, to be accessible to a large audience. Many of Ross's poems are subliminally political while concerned with love and interrelations between individuals. The American Voyage, in particular, concerns the idealism of American culture and its failures as a culture to live up to those ideals. Recent publications include: EQUATIONS =equals (Green Integer Press, 2004), Strati (Bi-lingual Italian/English, La Camera Verde, 2007), FRACTURED // Conections … (Bi-lingual Italian/English, La Camera Verde, 2008) & Strata (Dusie Press, 2008). He has also had poetry in dozens of magazines & anthologies, including the Debut Edition of - The Best American Poetry 1988, (Scribner/MacMillan Publishing Company, edited by John Ashbery), Writing From the New Coast, (Oblek Press, ed. by Peter Gizzi), Hungry As We Are, An Anthology of Washington DC Poets, (Washington Writers Publishing House, Ann Darr, ed.), and PIP Anthology of World Poetry of the 20th Century Vol 5. (“Intersection – Innovative Poetry in Southern California, Green Integer Press; ed. Douglas Messerli). See Joe Ross' webpage at: or his writer page on Green Integer's site: JOE ROSS

Michaël Batalla
was born in Reims but currently lives and works in Paris where he is a poet and publisher, directing the collection expériences poétiques for le Clou dans le fer. His books include Poèmes paysages maintenant, (Jean-Michel Place, Paris, 2007) and il vient, (le Clou dans le fer, Reims, 2002). Among his many recent publications in reviews are (Cumulus [10 petits poèmes purs] –, L’étrangère no23-24 [éd. La lettre volée] ; Théorêv’rie de la source, Po&sie no128-129 [éd. Belin] ; and the chapbook Plein centre – tentative d’observation d’un inobservable réel : contemplation II, MIR no2 [éd. IKKO]). Forthcoming in a bilingual edition from the publisher éditions VMCF, accompanying a series of photographes by French architecture and landscape photogrpaher Benoit Fougeirol Autour/Around assembles a series of 20 poems by Batalla which have also been translated into English by Christophe Marchand-Kiss. Batalla's poetry can be read as a kind of research on the effects of abstraction and the formal consequences of the hyper-precision of meaning. One of the methods he employs to this end is a kind of elongated observation of diverse societal or mental phenomena.

COLIN MAHAR: Born in New York City, raised in Montréal, Colin Joseph Wolfgang Mahar moved down to San Francisco to pursue poetry. He then started writing songs on a pawn-shop-bought mariachi guitar. His first chords were learned from Punk Rock Pete. Back in Montréal his musical training was taken up by local poet/composer David Ranger and with his help Colin wrote his first tunes. He soon left for Paris and not long after, David ended up there too. After a return to San Francisco (to study poetics at the New College of California) and then a return to Paris (to write and drink wine) Colin joined David, Amanda Watters and Florent Selig to form HAMPER - a great rock band that is now on semi-permanent hiatus after the bassist and lead guitar player decided to have a baby together and move to Ottawa. In Paris, he has performed poetry as well as music, and you can see/hear an excerpt on the SpokenWord Paris blog (click title to see video of Blue Song). Check out some more of his music on his myspace page at: where he says his musical influences include Singer / Songwriters : Dylan, Nick Drake, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Vic Chessnut and all kinds of cowboy music! He also has 2 very different poetry blogs: Poesie and 'Tese Falco. Videos of Colin Mahar include Pirate’s Life (click title to see video.) Mahar is currently working on a series of songs whose lyrics are based on translations and mistranslations of Emily Dickinson's work. He will play a few of these for us tonight!