lundi 6 août 2012

Prochaines lectures!!! Forthcoming Readings!!! le 18 sept 2012 et le 9 oct 2012!

Summer is sizzling and we are all off who knows where in the world reading, reading, reading on our own. But fear not! IVY will be back this fall with an exciting season start--

on the 18th of September with visiting Canadian and American authors Oana Avasilichioaei and Mina Pam Dick! I will let you know soon who is reading with them (hopefully Martin Richet!). For more information on this event in 2 anglo voices, see below...

And then
on October 9th 2012 we will hear Canadian poet Lisa Samuels with French author and translator Rémi Bouthonnier!!!

FOR THE 18th of September:

Transpose – an individual and co-reading by Mina Pam Dick and Oana Avasilichioaei which will be part of IVY's reading to inaugurate the 2012-2013 season this September 18th 2012!!!

Transpose – exchange places; shift contexts; play music in a different key; change forms; pose difficulties; raise questions; assume positions of the mindbody; mistake identities.

Once upon a time in the land of translit (prose poetry as philosophy, poetry as sound performance, textual transience of the wandering I) there lived Avasilichioaei and Dick. Dick transversed mounts of subjective texts (truth as first-personal, world an idiocosm) dug deep into linguistic contours, risking marginals. Germaning up the Trakls, Kafkas, Hölderlins, Wittgensteins, Kierkegaards (incestuous poetics as making out or off with kindred texts), Dick became subject to Mina Pam Dick, Traver Pam Dick, Hildebrand Pam Dick and so on (how the act of writing fictionalizes the author, who moves in and out of protagonist/narrator). Avasilichioaei tried various positions (mapping out the page’s architecture, in the porous boundary between page and body, private and public), positing a translation or two, an invented writer or two (writing with, alongside, in response to, against the signature of anothers), landscaping sound and sounding into the pagescape (transcription in the foliage of veins, the throat’s technology; body sounding out its sediments, its vocal multiple). One day, Avasilichioaei and Dick, qua Odile A. and Felix P. D., began writing across the letters of Ingeborg Bachman (language doing language, trans-sex through text).

Some of the strands in Oana Avasilichioaei’s work traverse geography and public space (feria: a poempark, 2008), textual architecture, orality and multilingualism (We, Beasts, 2012), translation and collaborative performance (Expeditions of a Chimæra, co-written with Erín Moure, 2009). Living in Montreal, Canada, she has performed her work in Canada, USA, Mexico and Europe, and has translated poetry from the Romanian of Nichita Stănescu (Occupational Sickness, 2006) and from the Quebecois French of Louise Cotnoir (The Islands, 2011). Recent projects include an epistolary poetic project, ff or letters to a fellow fluency, co-written with felix p.d., and transforming text into performative sound work:

Mina Pam Dick (aka Traver Pam Dick, Gregoire Pam Dick et al.) is a writer, translator, artist and philosopher living in New York City. Her prose poetry has appeared in BOMB, The Brooklyn Rail, Aufgabe, Everyday Genius, The Recluse and Fence Magazine, and is forthcoming in Mrs. Maybe; her philosophical work has appeared in a collection published by the International Wittgenstein Symposium. Her translations, mistranslations and co-translations can be found in Telephone Journal and Dandelion. Dick’s first book, Delinquent, was published by Futurepoem Books in 2009. Currently, Dick is working on transgenre books which engage with Hölderlin, Trakl, Lenz, Büchner and Robert Walser. They do philosophy as lit, and explore fluid identity, tonal alternation’s music, the poetics of sex with sibling books. See: and