dimanche 19 juin 2011

IVY avec Nicolas Carras et Truong Tran--une lecture à ne pas manquer le 22 juin 2011

IVY WRITERS vous invite à la dernière lecture de la saison 2010-2011 !
Come join us for our last reading of this year’s season!

les poètes
TRUONG TRAN (américain)

le June 22
à 19h30
Toujours AU NEXT:
17 rue Tiquetonne
75002 Paris,
M° Etienne Marcel ou RER Les Halles

(en français et ensuite en anglais / Bios in French then English):

NICOLAS CARRAS : Compositeur, arrangeur, pianiste, artiste sonore et poète. Co-fondateur du groupe sos-art.com. Vient du classique et du Jazz. A l’age de 19 ans il écrit ses premiers poèmes, travail d’écriture qu’il mènera en parallèle de sa recherche musicale, plusieurs recueils à ce jour non publiés, ainsi qu’au travail autour de la poésie. Ancien élève de l’American School of Modern Music, de Peter Giron et de Jeff Gardner. En mai 2001, Il fonde avec Tristan Mory, plasticien vidéaste, Eric Cassar, poète et architecte, Fanny Gosse, photographe plasticienne et graphiste ; le collectifhttp://www.sos-art.com/ (web galerie, organisation de soirées artistiques sur Paris). Il travaille actuellement également avec John M. Bennett poète américain et fondateur de Luna Bisonte production (poésie contemporaine) et Allan Revich (Canada) avec qui il fonde "The W.I.S Project". (word, image, sound). Il participe régulièrement aux concerts organisés par Le placard “headphone festifal”, soit en direct live soit en streaming de chez lui, ainsi qu’a des festivals de poésie contemporaine. L'écrit "dans l'herbe fraîche" sera publié dans la revue N° 7 d'Ici Là en juin, voici le lien de la revue n 6 http://www.publie.net/fr/ebook/9782814503946/d-ici-l%C3%A0-n-6 Pour plus : http://www.nicolasound.com/ Pour écouter plus d’enregistrements par N Carras : http://www.laptitemaison.com/ptitemaison/article.php3?id_article=625 Quelques vidéos avec Carras : http://www.lavideotheque.org/r%C3%A9alisateurs/nicolas-carras/

TRUONG TRAN : vient de San Francisco. Il a publié 5 recueils de poésie : The Book of Perceptions, placing the accents, dust and conscience (qui a gagné le San Francisco State Poetry Center Prize, 2002), within the margin et four letter words (2011).
Il travaille également en tant que plasticien, voir : http://www.gnourtnart.com/ et http://www.pbase.com/bobhsiangphoto/truong_tran. Lire quelques extraits de ces livres sur: http://www.apogeepress.com/authors_tran.html Vous pourrez également visiter son "blog visuel": http://truongtran.tumblr.com/

TRUONG TRAN : Author & Visual artist, Truong has written and published five books of poetry, The Book of Perceptions, placing the accents, dust and conscience (winner of the 2002 SF State Poetry Center Prize), within the margin and four letter words. Truong’s work is innovative on the page and is engaged with troubling issues of language and culture. His poems exemplify the issues that are being explored in contemporary American poetry. You can read brief excerpts from Truong’s first three books on the Apogee Press website at http://www.apogeepress.com/ specifically via his author page at http://www.apogeepress.com/authors_tran.html. Unfortunately, the website does not yet contain excerpts from Truong’s most recent book, four letter words. Tran is also a visual artist, and is currently in Europe touring and being involved in conferences for that side of his work. Here are links to a couple of his most recent art projects: http://www.pbase.com/bobhsiangphoto/truong_tran and http://www.gnourtnart.com/ This will be his first reading in Paris! To see his visual blog: http://truongtran.tumblr.com/

Extract from “Within the Margin” (copyright Apogee Press, 2004):

...............there are the words
............dare i say fuck

a boy a six year old boy concocts a scheme he learns to lie on this day the boy discovers he

discovers the truth he turns up the volume on the tv set the fantastic four vs dr doom doom

is of course doomed to fail he pretends to be watching in the living room on this day his story

begins because sometimes language is not about meaning music for example take the word

fuck float it between your lips a student in a classroom once said to him can you explain why

you choose to use this word if you want my opinion it cheapens the writing it’s too easy a”

NICOLAS CARRAS : Multitalented Nicolas Carras is equally a composer, musician, sound artist and poet. He lives in Paris where he co-founded the collective sos-art.com. For more info in English, visit the Ivy blog : http://ivywritersparis.blogspot.com/ Here’s a link for a video where you can hear John M. Bennett read "SPAMPOEMS" Poems by Nicolas Carras: http://www.vimeo.com/19403121 Of Carras, Bennett has composed a short essay in English we wanted to post (with his permission) here for those anglophones interested in learning more about the author we will all be having the pleasure of hearing read this Wednesday :

Nicolas Carras : an article by John M. Bennett, January 2011
..........Nicolas Carras is a video artist, sound artist, photographer, and poet, and a founding member of the Parisian art collective SOS-ART. His work has always impressed me for its originality and for the purity with which he carries out his ideas and approaches. At first glance, his work seems extremely minimal: for example a handheld shot of a curb and part of a sidewalk, with maybe a pair of feet passing through the frame, which is unmoving, and accompanied by only the barest trace of ambient sound. Many of his videos of this nature are of only a few minutes duration, but when several of them are grouped together they very quickly seem to be images, or fragments of an existence, that imply and communicate an enormous emotional content, a content which varies considerably from piece to piece. There is a real life, both a very specific one and a very universal one, inhering in them, and they can be watched again and again, each time acquiring more and more resonance and meaning.
..........His photographs are presented not so much as “photographs” but as frozen moments in a mind; a more extreme, or more pure, form of the kind of expression found in his videos. Their force, like the videos, is more conceptual and emotional than “pictorial”. Carras is not out to please the public; he is creating an experience of what it is like to be, and to experience a certain kind of perception and knowledge of the world and of being in that world.
..........I am very sympathetic to this kind of art, because it is basically what I do myself as a writer and word artist: form a vision of the universe as I experience it, with no regard to whether it “pleases” any given public or not.
..........I think that approach is clear in the collaborations we have done, in which Carras has added my texts and readings of those texts to his videos, using a variety of processes and approaches. Those works remain among my very favorite collaborations. In no way are my texts narratives of his images, nor are his images “illustrations” of my texts. Instead, the two dimensions expand the possibilities of each other in unexpected and fascinating ways. This is true collaboration. It is also important to point out that Carras works in both French and English, and even with some of the texts I wrote in my own invented language of Globbolalia. His texts in French and English treat language not as “literature” but as a visionary or experiential medium much like the images he chooses for his visual work.

From Spampoems by Nicolas Carras:

You play Les oiseaux tristes
You play Le petit corbeau
You play Les nuages gris
You play La route tordue
You play, you play La mer trouble
You play the poet from the wine !

--article By Dr. John M. Bennett, Curator, Avant Writing Collection, Rare Books & MSS Library, The Ohio State University. Some links for Bennett: http://www.johnmbennett.net/ , and http://library.osu.edu/sites/rarebooks/avantwriting/ , and http://johnmbennettpoetry.blogspot.com/

dimanche 5 juin 2011

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Bill Bissett & Adeena Karasick le 7 juin 2011!

IVY WRITERS vous invitent à une lecture en anglais
IVY invites you to join us for an all-English reading!

le 7 juin 2011
à 19h30

avec la poète américaine
Rachel Blau DuPlessis,
et les poètes canadiens
Adeena Karasick et
Bill Bissett
(image here by Bissett)

17 rue Tiquetonne
75002 Paris,
M° Etienne Marcel ou RER Les Halles
is the author of over 70 volumes of poetry, and is one of the most internationally acclaimed poets alive today. Best known for his use of unique orthography and for incorporating visual elements in his printed poetry, and his performances of “concrete sound” poetry, sound effects and chanting, critics have called him a visionary a linguistic mystic, shaman, prophet and a “one man civilization”, whose voice and words are featured on the Chemical Brothers award winning cd, We Are The Night. bissett is also a world renowned artist with recent shows in Whitbey Island, at the Rob Shouten Gallery in Washington State, The Cowichan Arts Center, Duncan BC as well as previous one person shows at The Vancouver Art Gallery Modern Fuel Kingston, Art Gallery Pteros Art Gallery Toronto, and The Upstairs Gallery in Toronto. His recent Cd’s are: “ths is erth thees ar peopul”, “luddites 86-91” and “deth interrupts th dansing” with Pete Dako. In 2007, bissett was awarded a lifetime achievement award from BC Bookworld; a lifetime of “work charged with the energy and formal ingenuity of enduring art". (Len Early) "bill bissett is a one-man civilization... he is a lesson to us all." -- James Reaney "bill bissett is my astral twin" -- Margaret Atwood "The greatest living poet today" -- Jack Kerouac on bill bissett, Paris Review For more, see the Bill Bissett HOME SITE: http://www.billbissett.com/
RACHEL BLAU DUPLESSIS: is the author of the long poem Drafts, begun in 1986, and collected most recently in two books published by Salt Publishing-- Pitch: Drafts 77-95 (2010) and The Collage Poems of Drafts (2011) Other volumes include Torques: Drafts 58-76 (Salt Publishing, 2007) as well as Drafts 1-38, Toll (Wesleyan U.P., 2001) and Drafts 39-57, Pledge, with Draft unnnumbered: Précis (Salt Publishing, 2004). Her forthcoming critical book (2012) is Purple Passages: Pound, Eliot, Zukofsky, Olson, Creeley and the Ends of Patriarchal Poetry from University of Iowa Press. In 2006, two books of her innovative essays were published: Blue Studios: Poetry and Its Cultural Work (2006), and the ground-breaking The Pink Guitar: Writing as Feminist Practice ([1990] 2006) both from University of Alabama Press. She has written several other critical books and co-edited three anthologies as well as editing The Selected Letters of George Oppen (1990). Her work in poetry and criticism has been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Serbian, with book-length collections expected in French and Italian. A feature in Jacket2 on her work, edited by Patrick Pritchett, is going up in summer 2011, and will include considerations by Eric Keenaghan and Chris Tysh. Her websites are http://rachelblauduplessis.com/ as well as http://wings.buffalo.edu/epc/authors/duplessis

ADEENA KARASICK is an internationally acclaimed and award winning poet, media-artist and author of seven books of poetry and poetic theory, as well as 4 videopoems regularly showcased at International Film Festivals, including the audacious “I Got A Crush on Osama”, aired on Fox News. All her work is marked with an urban, Jewish, feminist aesthetic that continually challenges linguistic habits and normative modes of meaning production. For over 20 years her linguistically provocative, philosophically complex wordplay continues to excite audiences worldwide. She has recently been granted the “Exuberance is Beauty” Award for Amuse Bouche and the MPS Mobile Award for being the world’s first “Mobile Poet”, where her work is now on mobile devices (cell phones and smart phones and karaoke apparati throughout the world. Engaged with the art of combination and turbulence of thought, it is a testament to the creative and regenerative power of language and its infinite possibilities for pushing meaning to the limits of its semantic boundaries. Her writing has been described as "electricity in language" (Nicole Brossard), "plural, cascading, exuberant in its cross-fertilization of punning and knowing, theatre and theory" (Charles Bernstein) "a tour de force of linguistic doublespeak" (Globe and Mail) and "opens up the possibilities of reading" (Vancouver Courier). She lives, writes and teaches in New York City.