mardi 30 octobre 2018

Photos de la Soirée IVY de poésie et de prose en anglais le 9 Octobre 2018

Here are a few photos from our English poetry and prose night which took place on Oct 9, 2018 at Delaville Café--with a books table that really stunned the eye and promised many more nights of pleasurable reading for those who took home a volume or ten.

KATY MASUGA read to use from her novel Origin of Vermillion as well as a few short-short (flash fiction pieces). She also shared with us some extracts from her forthcoming novel, which left us feeling we got treated to a sneak peek at what Katy Masuga writing will  be coming out in print in the future!

Our second reader of the night came to us from Luxembourg where he is now stationed, though he was once a local Paris ex-Pat. DYLAN HARRIS is a poet, photographer and also the publisher and founder of Corrupt Books. He read to us selections of his recently published and forthcoming poetry.

The third reader of the evening was AMY EVANS BAUER, London-based author who we snagged during her visit to France for a reading at a museum. She performed off of 500e notecards a series of texts with dddddrrrraaawwwn out letters and sounds, making listeners lean in towards the next word in form/deformation. These texts are part of a large project which has appeared in part from Shearsman in the UK and Oystercatcher Press, with more sections still to come out.

Bringing the evening to a very dynamic close was RUFO QUINTAVALLE, an ex pat poet based in Paris who read to us from 2 selections of his works, as well as recited by memory a poem from an as-of-yet unpublished ongoing writing project. His reading, like Amy's, was very much a performance, racing us through the unepected twists and turns of the variegated voices in the Corrupt Books text "hhereenow" available in book form.

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